February 26, 2019

The Top 100 Golf Nomad

Alex chats with Jimmie James, a man who has played all of the Golf Digest's Top 100 Golf Courses, plus a look at the weekend's dominant play of Dustin Johnson, and a look ahead to Jupiter, Florida.

Alex chats with Instagram Star KC Trick Shotz, and the guys talk shorts PGA Tour, slow play, and baseball free agency. Also, we may have recording this on Monday. Please forgive the outdate Manny Machado talk.

Alex and Michael break down Phil's win in the darkness, the AAF debut, and Alex chats with MLB Broadcaster Tim Neverett.

Its a Super Episode to recap the Super Bowl! Our Top 5 Moments from Super Bowl LIII, plus a behind-the-scenes television production interview with Ben Shapiro.

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