February 17, 2020

Riviera Golf Madness and Will Turner

Alex and Michael are surprised by all the goings-on at Riviera CC for this week's Genesis Open (1:47). Then, its time to not be surprised by learning more about Trump's exploits on and off the golf course of Alex continues reading "Commander in Cheat" (8:26). This week's featured guest is Chef Will Turner, a private chef in the Scottsdale, AZ area who shares stories of cooking for celebrities (12:22). Then its on to the NFL and the mystery involving Tom Brady's future (25:14). The Houston Astros side-step cheating, and Michael isn't happy about it (30:50). Then its back to the never-ending debate of reclining your seat on an airplane (34:13), and we #AlwaysEndWithFood (40:40).


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