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February 18, 2020
The Course of Life Podcast
Founded in the fall of 2018, the Course of Life podcast started well before. Co-hosts Alex and Michael first met at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT, where they bonded over their love of sports and being next-door neighbors their freshman year. Shortly after meeting, they started a sports radio show on the student station, entitled "The Token Sports Radio Show." For three and a half years, the two put together weekly shows following golf, baseball, basketball, football, and anything else they found interesting. After graduating, they did their best to keep the show going as a podcast, but quickly found themselves busy with other things in their lives.
Fast forward almost nine years, and the two felt it was right to get back together behind a microphone and share their feelings on golf, sports, and their mutual love of Seinfeld. The Course of Life Podcast was formed, and has continued to evolve into a podcast from two guys who just like to talk about golf and stuff.
To connect with the Course of Life, communicate, and collaborate, you can find us:
Email: courseoflifepodcast@gmail.com
Alex Lauzon
Alex is a lifelong golfer originally from the Boston, MA area now living in Austin, TX. Alex's Dad taught him the game of golf at a young age and he's been hooked ever since. With the short game of a pro but the drives of a 30 handicap, it became clear by college that his pipe dream of playing professional golf would end, but he knew he wanted to cover the game any way he could. 
Alex has experience teaching the game to youths through the First Tee program, volunteering at PGA Tour events, and has traveled the United States and Internationally to play the most unique golf courses in the world! Outside of golf, Alex is a Boston sports fan across the board, an avid cook and grill master, and knowledge seeker of whatever is trending on twitter. 
You can reach Alex here to connect, communicate, and collaborate:
Twitter: @courseoflife1
Instagram: @courseoflifealex
Michael Russell
Michael is a lifelong casual golfer originally from the southern New Hampshire area now living in Savannah, GA. Michael first started playing golf with his father, and when visiting his grandparents in Florida. While Michael was never good enough to play competitively, he enjoys scorching the earth and rolling in the occasional 20-footer.
Even though he's a New Englander through-and-through, Michael is a New York Yankees and Giants fan, following in his father's footsteps. When not boasting about the Yankees 27 World Series rings, Michael volunteers with Destination Imagination, cooks up new and exciting dishes in the kitchen, and plays far too many board games with his wife.
You can reach Michael here to connect, communicate, and collaborate:
Twitter: @mwrinc
Instagram: @mwrinc

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